This installation of Omeka was created as part of my participation in Library Juice Academy's "Creating Online Exhibits with Omeka" course. Because the course focused on exhibit-building, and because my exhibit uses personal items, parts of this Omeka installation are not fleshed out the way they would normally be for a museum or historical society.

The focal point of this installation is the Postcard Production in America, 1920 to 1950 exhibit.

Recently Added Items

Teich Offset Presses

Teich offset presses.jpg

A black and white photograph showing men at working in a large room filled with very large printing presses, which were used by Curt Teich & Co. to…

Teich Art Department

Teich Art Department.jpg

A black and white image showing men seated at rows of tables in Curt Teich & Co.'s Art Department. They are editing and retouching photographs to be…

Greetings from Brookville Postcard


Greetings from Brookville, Ind. color postcard. Depicts a road winding through trees. Some trees are starting to change color. Light mint-green…